In loving memory of THE MADIBA TEACHINGS

Wherever we encounter new people,  we create a standard, we  select where we wanna be categorized. We manifest how we wanna be perceived!

We set a status that we wanna be associated with.

I recall this one speaker who said that if fate and luck places you where character can’t sustain you,  humiliation and failure looms!

…As the youth,  we seek inspiration from the iconic figures who’ve conquered the challenges we’re facing to exemplary excel in their respective fields.

So, it’s the wish of each of us to meet, interact and befriend this adorable mentors

Often, we’ve heard that if we can dream it,  we can be it!
… and fate, as good as it may be,   provides opportunities to enjoy a handshake with your destiny!

Unfortunately,  Along the way,  we become blindfolded by the sweet ‘ evils  ‘ of society, drunkenness , and all sorts of unconscious unprecedented  actions become apart of us!    the turbulent journey turns overwhelming,  and we end up losing direction,  mentally,  physically and much bitter,  we compromise our principles!

… but still fate grips tight our luck. It’s ours!
… and here comes your luck!  All dreams unfolding. The seemingly fictional, mundane, futuristic illusions start unveiling the fruits of patience, … having waited for that moment, a sigh of relief is worth!

You’ve got that pronounceable degree, sitted in that spaceous top most office,  reaping the fruits of your fateful luck!

But what do we end up doing?

…drink, because that’s what we rightfully excelled in!
partying and chimney-wise smoking goes to the next level!

A moment please!

…  is that what our adorable mentors did?

Of course no!  They invested in character!
And character goes beyond the rewards of luck . Whatever fate has for you is pre-determined, it’s irrevocable!  But character will give you what you deserve!  More so it sustains what already have,  and empowers you to fly with bouyancy, against all the earthly turbulence to achieve beyond any set limit!

That’s how you become an icon of hope,  integrity and respect! 

That’s when you’ll look back, appreciate yourself and  justify your achievement!

Remember, Nobody can live beyond his character!