Nelson Mandela Madiba

Nelson Mandela will go down into the books of history as a humble fighter!
A tactical fighter, who never lost focus on the goal!
He’ll be remembered saying,
“I am
an optimist.
Whether that
comes from
nature or
nurture, I cannot
say. Part of being
optimistic is
keeping one’s
head pointed
toward the sun,
one’s feet moving
forward. There
were many dark
moments when
my faith in
humanity was
sorely tested, but
I would not and
could not give
myself up to
despair. That
way lays defeat
and death.”


Mandela ' quote

He believed that it always seems impossible until was done!
That courage isn’t the absence of fear but triamph over it!
With his well envisioned and coordinated leadership,  he used the most unconventional yet exemplary approach towards uniting the racially  polarized South-Africa!

Mandela is now a brand!  An expensive brand that faces no competition in the eyes of the global leadership! He set the bar too high for any political leadership around!

… but thats HIM!


You’ve got to do it too.
You got to take up your rightful place and manifest your purpose!

Many of us are too relaxed, virtually doing nothing about at least something – of which we can!
We let our extraordinary abilities and energies be wasted in the name of lack of assurerities towards success of our tough endeavours!

We’ve failed to learn that taking up risks is what differenciates us from followers! A follower Always trails the aggressive, self-confident and inspired leaders!

The flame of leadership is always self ignited! And once lit,  people shall see the sparkling  light, the star in you will be seen and each of your new risk shall be perceived to be a new trend,  because, all shall have laid their trust in you to ignite their broken spirits and rekindle their hopes of ever shunning darkness!

As we let our
own light shine,
give other people
permission to do
the same.

And once you understand this,  and believe that you’re indeed worth being somebody’s hope, then you’ll do whatever it takes to spread the happiness and Share joy with the helpless!

Mandela realized that earlier!  He ignited the fire and despite of the stormy and extinguishing forces around,  the apartheid regime could not supply enough water to quench the infano in Mandela!
  He believed in his course,  knowing somebody was worth his sucrifice!


Mahatma Gandhi


Mother Teresa


Martin Luther king Jr

Thinking of the iconic Mohandas Gandhi,  Mother Teresa,  Martin Luther King Jr,
they all stood for humanity,
They are all defined by extraordinary courage to confront some of the fiercest circumstances to meaningfully pursue their purpose!

So as you and I, the  ever-energetic youth strive to discover our purpose,  we should be mindful of the possibility of creating a purpose out of our manifested abilities, passion and principles to ensure that, right from scratch,  we focus our energies into the right channels leading to our exemplary achievements.

Its  through this that we shall learn,  and inspire the dispirited younger generation.

Let’s learn not to just emulate but stick to our self driven, passion driven and purposeful actions that define us. As brands and not just numbers that fill the world!