I have problems,
Everyone has problems…
But…Having problems is never a problem, however, it amounts to one wherever you deny the very capable an opportinity address them.
… thinking that all the credit and praises will fall unto you !

Across the world, Problems are known to be the greatest sources of unity. And great leadership Always arises from  ONE’s ability responsibly share and handle problems!

But how often do you get to convince people of capabilities to infiltrate into your problematic confinement and help you sort out the issues… knowing that they’ve the right keys to your hopes of never growing hopeless.

Of course, Little do we share problems!

It all begins with creating the wrong perceptions about the people around you. People you ought to talk to !


We’Re all humans,  and humanity MUST always be defined by communication.

Its always important not to assume that things are better understood through assumptions.
Its also Important to assume that nothing is rightfully understood unless everything about it is plainly laid !

Ask yourself,  how often have you decided to die like a Soldier,  in the name of ‘not exposing ‘ your weaknesses ! … but CRITICALLY thinking,  your weakness is always exposed.

In any case letting People understand your weaknesses enables them to meaningfully complement them !

Being strong is having the courage to encourage all and sandry to offer a part of them towards attaining your goal !

Your firmness and independency is never independent of your friends’ contribution… let alone family !

So when we struggle kicking out whoever of good will around your circles, mutilating their capabilities and killing their helping-ego, amounts to more than being a sadist !

More over, its an act of mediocrity, not knowing that they are the very People who’re the main pillers, elevating you to that seemingly unshakable platform !

But wherever you embrace everyone, and make them feel a part of your success,  of which they are,  you not only warm their hearts with joy but also add up to their passion and strength to keep a firm grip on the supports, so you can climb higher and higher !


Get it right that  great leadership begins with generously sharing problems and most importantly learning to share others’ too.

So be a leader today !