I love the way you surprise me with the perfect gifts that show you pay attention to me!
You’re Amazing!

This are the sweet words that our hearts desire !
The words that take us to the world of fantasy, the world where everyone feels the love and breaths a freshening breeze of joy, Comfey and satisfaction !- I wish this were true !

This leaves me pondering,  … how often do we acknowledge the angering, spiteful and critisizing  words?
How often do we even condon them ?
I bet some of us will KILL just to hear the heart-soothing words ! Just to feel the love and acceptance by others !

Slowly, I’am finding reason to love the critisizm and hate the flattering sweet words !

My research affirms that people will complement you and utter fluttery words because they need a favour, or to simply use you !
Yet the same guys shall critisize all your self empowering activities !

Chances are People like you because They can manipulate you !
But if you can stand your ground and believe in your abilities, then You’ll be hated ….!
…paradoxically,  its the path to success.its the path to deserved acceptance !!

They say,  ” if people spread gossip and hatred behind your back, move on smiling! – simply because they acknowledge you’re far ahead of them !”

But its always adviseable you “eavesdrop” to what they have to say.

When you’re open to critisizm, you place yourself to a better social platform, where scrutiny by public ensures  you conciously check and balance your morals and leadership strategies.

It also offers a better opportinity to be a leader, capable of withstanding your inner fears about people’s say on that positive idea in you …

It builds overwhelming confidence to face situations head-on without fears of being strayed by people’s hear-say.

I can acertain that life is so slipperly.Many are busy trying to clinch on anything to feel safe. -That’s what failures do !
A smart Guy will try to gain traction to keep on moving along his track !

Unfortunately, there exists the forces of status quo. People who wish to just be, as they have always been, and shall be, and forever more !

This are those who will grease up your truck and watch you slip down back to their level !

They’ll try to critisize your ideas, flatter you with their sweet fantaisies of life, and of course very willing to help you down the slipperly slope of life, and promissing you a safer landing !- but once you give in, your head hits a rock and a dead you are !!!

But That’s life !

In the quest for holding unto your ground and staying consciously  firm,  you might be inspired by the great world leaders,
who are known to have the last lough !

I’ve always loved the infamous Nelson Mandela.
A quiet, humble, yet firm and visionary leader. During his détention, he was an enemy of the whites ! He was totchered, beaten and scorned by the arpatheid agents. He unfearfully confronted the racial segragation imposed by the then National Party (NP)!

Yet, he’s now a world  hero, liked because he stood firm !

So dont forsake your principles to fall for cheap immerture acceptance !

Work towards your course, believe in it and despite of scornes, people shall appreciate the results !
That’s how You’ll be a TRUE man of the People !