In my numerous posts, I’ve focused on overcoming fear as a major key to succès.

Still I’ve more on the same.

Many of us have some misunderstanding about these specific words.

Fear and Respect.
Disciplined and innovative.

I’ve worked in a company setting and over  three months now , I’am slowly coming to a conclusion that we , the employees, work under fear all year round. And possibly, we end up working below our capabilities all the time !

One old man, with 27 years working expérience in the company confessed to have done exactly that for the last 20 years! Mind you, he has’nt received a promotion other than a négligeable salary increament !
He says he never crosses any “mkubwa” ‘s line. He abides by the set rules. He’s  DISCIPLINED.

He recalls the first 7 years when the whites headed  the company. They motivated and praised us where necessary, treated us with trips and career talks. They instilled in us love and ownership to this company … but ones Africans set into leadership, the reverse happened !

He says, No man loves work. For him to be effective, he must either be motivated or threatened. The western fellows motivate …but eastern guys critisize.
Africans just threaten  everybody!

A friend, also a long time employee says, the whites will make you do something out of passion But africans will make you do it out of threats !
They rule by instilling fear !

To these guys, respect is often overshadowed by fear. -With archaic rules to abide :


– No confrontation with “Mkubwa “, You’ll be fired !

-Do as he says Not as you think. Even if your idea is better.You’ll be fired !

-Dont cross his line. You’ll be fired !
…and this is FEAR not RESPECT at all !

Fear depribes us our inbuilt capabilities and overshadows our creativity.

Respect enhences our abilities and innovativeness in all we do !

Fear only alienates you from your well deserved destination. It makes you vulnarable to falling for abosolutely anything with nothing good in it !

You can’t live beyond your FEARs!!


I’am often inspired by the saying,
“winners make things happen, losers let things happen!”

Fearfull guys are losers, they let things happen !

So the next time “Mkubwa ” makes hurried incorrect décisions, be creative and innovative enough to do it better !
But Still respect him !

Invite him for a cup of coffee, or Nyama-choma session and make good friendship out of it.
That’s what leadership is all about. Being assertive enough to face conflits in a respectiful manner.

…and if you’re gonna be punished for doing it right, Do it better next time !
Who knows You’ll do it the BEST way !

You’ve got to make people believe in your abilities and creativity before you get that desired position !

Remember “the golden rules” ,

-Don’t fear anyone, respect everyone !

-Don’t just be disciplined, be creative and innovative !

– Laws aren’t always perfect. You’re smater !

-Don’t let things be, Make things be !

So, start it off now, and be outstanding !