As time goes by, am realizing that those who believe in conventionality shall remain universally relevant but totally irrelevant futuristically!

We’re often tought that our major milestone in career life is measured our ability to stick to the ancient, monolithic standards, be it international or regional.

Am not in any way advising to do away with them…but keep in mind that our capabilities are  diverse, and…
standards are there to stretch the abilities of the weak!

In Underdeveloped countries, these standards seem to be the Highest limit we can ever achieve!

And that’s why internalizing this only makes us land at the moon! – below standard!

Amazingly, some of us have come out of the cocoons!
We’ve already heard of #africa_rising. And indeed it  is!
we are realizing that these standards were meant for Westerners and that must remain.
We’ve come of age to do away with the archaic old versioned theories of working out things!
while we were busy memorizing and conforming to the schools of thought, they were busy inventing and investing! …we now say we should never again trail their backs!! 
It’s our time to veer off the road and make our own diversions, those that can lead us to a whole new well deserved destiny!

I know we shall be called the “wandering lot”  …. but that’s what inventers do!
I know we shall be deemed lost but that’s how we’ll shall create our own clear way home! We shall never again take the ‘ glamourous ‘ highways to being their slaves!

Some shall whisper that we’re uncivilized, but that’s what great innovators have done! Acting wierdly out of track!

In any case, they already tought us that foolishness is doing SAME STANDARD thing repeatedly and expecting different results. ARE we a fools?
China developed because they did without imitation – they’d no time to even learn “conventional” language _English!
Russia is a super power coz they invent unconventional technologies! But they’re proud they did it!

Africa is the super-poor because they imitate! That’s it

So, we wanna succeed? We wanna be in space soon?
we wanna boast of nuclear technologies?
Then lets strangle imitation! Let’s mutate to a better, self reliant, confident And ORIGINAL African society!! Right away!!!!!!