It’s always my pleasure to interact with the ” juniors” in any organization.
surprisingly, they seem to be so visionary, so mature in terms if ideologies, so creative and innovative.ever sharp to critically see and predict “hell”….. They’re awesome!
…But Slowly the enthusiasm and vigor fades away in their ascent to leadership!
So, …where does all these potential get wasted? …
Am asking this because, climbing up the organization administration, i tend to see a sharp contradiction!
Is it that as we become “BIG”
We loose all these positive attributes?…to where?

I tend to think that despite we the youth having very bright ideas, we lack the courage to sail us through the raging turbulence along the path of actualization!
We tend to lack the patience and persistence that is crucial to success.

I’ve always said that the difference between a successful person and a looser is simply that,… one decided to take up the risk and give it a try …while the other manifested his fear and decided to” let it be!”
It takes courage to take up opportunities,
fear only  brings regression!

…And probably, this might answer why we’ve always failed to bring the ever desired positive change around us.
Yes, sometimes luck passes by and we find ourselves in higher leadership, but still can’t face the very basic challenge of our organizations!..we still fear!

We’re doing alot to culture the spirit of fear all around us. And because it’s become almost trendy to just let things be, – retaining the status quo- nobody tends miss the tune, we’re all dancing to it …
…Am a KENYAN and I’ve faced the jaws of the STATUS QUO LAW numerously! Trying to implement something new and worthwhile but all you’re told,
“It’s been here and serving it’s purpose right, has anybody complained? …, so do you want to destroy it NOW!”
Its worth learning that,
To the fearful, change is destruction – whether positive or otherwise!
To the courageous, any situation is an opportunity for change!
Development is triggered by change, adding value to OUR old techniques. Unless we confront fear,
how can we learn to try new ideas, …
Who’s out there to restore my hope that soon, courage shall be embraced? …I’ll be waiting.

Until then I’ll always take up the task to remind all that without courage, we’ll be ideally rich in ideologies but chronically¬† poor in implementation.
…and hear it from me today,

It’s better to die with living ideas rather than live with dead ideas!
…that’s what courageous people believe in,
that’s why they may be dead but we still celebrate them -the great leaders of the ancient times!…
Let’s join them!