The most valuable asset is not a head full of knowledge. But a heart full of love, with an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help…..
This far,
I’ve already learnt that as a leader, i ought to be a servant, willing offer my masters more than i can afford myself!
I’ve learnt that leadership is about empowering the less fortunate, because all their hope of ever kicking poverty lies in the collective power restored upon you!
I’VE Already stepped on their toes excessively -to the extent of feeling their pain….
For me to have reached that influencial position, somebody must have sacrifice his/her wants to provide my luxury!
So When i help, am simply searching for my peace, my happiness, and reconnection to those who’ve sacrificed their own desires to see me succeed!
… Those who’ve believed in my abilities and invested in them know one thing, despite of their wanting situations, they know that theĀ  secret to being happy is realizing that no matter how bad life is, it can always get worse…
Once you learn to be happy. You will not tolerate being around anything that takes the happiness away…
…that’s what am doing!
Seeking my happiness,
So… Give willingly and plenty shall trickle along your path!