I met this old man-retired but working as a casual employee…..and amaized and overwhelmed With my brightening greetings, the conversation went a notch higher!  …this old man isn’t just old, he knows an iPod! ….i loved whatever he said …
including this …
Life isn’t an IPod to listen your favorite songs! It a radio! Adjust yourself to enjoy whatever comes in it and keep moving….

This triggered interest in me. It was lunch hour,and with all the hunger, he managed to keep me tuned and attentive .

“..talking of myself, I’ve  passed through alot. …
Recently, I fall terribly sick, not even the hunger could bring the urge to test food!..let alone seeing it!
   … I took medication and after a week of food boycott , my already weakened and malnourished body developed this desire to serve my stomach justice!
… all i ended up going through is nutritional touchier!
…all (Mama Watoto)- My wife  did is to prepare my WORST. …arrowroot!!!  Served with a cup of cold water!
Not once but as  consecutive meals all day -all week!

..she did it in the name (hakuna pesa )- no money -Now that the sole breadwinner is bedridden! Forgetting her lucrative (Nyanya /sukuma)- grocery -business …..
This resulted in an eruption of negative thoughts and anger in ME …
Mind you, -if i dare say NO CASH – I’ll cease to be a man, and as if it isn’t enough, all villagers shall know it!

So I thought  time to adopt to the tune of life had just knocked ..”
By now, even a passerby could tell i was deep into the captivating rare story session!

….so i learnt my lesson.” ..
The seemingly Frank old man continued …
”  I learnt that for every 300/= i get,  100/= (a 1/3 stomach levy )should go for my well being …the well being of my tummy!
…i had to adjust to this “ugly” habit because, as far as i had to feed my family, i had to remain healthy to win them bread tomorrow ….!”

…and the lesson

“So… young man, learn to be selfless but with caution.
… You’ll be selfish if you gave up everything today yet loosing the ability to give better tomorrow!!!
This world needs you.You ought to learn to be charitable FOREVER , Not just  NOW at the expense of TOMORROW !“…

It was such an informative lunch break …I never regretted missing lunch (possibly arrowroot and water) for the sweet and rich story.

As i went back to my job, i thought it was a story worth Sharing!