OUR DREAMS! (Our future!)

Interacting with fellow youth is so inspiring. The dreams in them spark the overwhelming brightness in the future …sadly we never act towards grasping this dreams …we seem to forget that our future is a magnification of our present  effort!!
Living a dream begins by us reprogramming our mind to trust our abilities and the inner voice that defines our purpose in life . It all begins with perception of the dream, conception of it then reception of the dream in reality!..
Seriously,tell how this shall work! .. I drink-myself legs up!!, smoke-my eyes wet and red!! ..and expect to be an influential,successful  mentor to somebody, …let alone my child (if any or expected) !!
Let’s take charge and be COUTIOUS of the perception we create in our minds and that of others …at the end of the day The society treats you based on the standards you ve already set yourself!!!
We were meant to move the world but some of us end up being moved by it.!
Fellows, we’re the change!!!!!!!
# the_change