People always say they want a new life or they want to start over. Well the truth is you get that chance everyday but choose not to change it…
we should learn that if we can dream it, we can do it,
Each individual has a seed to grow. Success is that coveted seed of life. It requires enomous patience, perseverance and tolerance.
I understand that most of us the young _want hasty and fun stuff ..but that’s not the case with success ….it’s gonna nock you hard ….
But take courage.
Don’t let another day die without exploring your own road of success. It should all start from analyzing, recognizing, mobilizing and energizing your possibilities
…actually you should see them turning to realities. ..
Keep in mind that the only alternative to success is poverty. Am not in any way intimidating ….
But it’s the absolute truth. And this may lead to people trading their freedom for mere bread.
From my earlier post,  i said being desparate is being vulnerable to the sharp jaws the already hungry world!
the world feeds on the sweat and effort of the desparate! .. .unless we become smart enough to realize that we should  mutually co-exist( gaining equally from one another)  we’ll end up being exhausted and eaten up! …leading to our extinction!
…and as beautiful as life was moulded, it naturally selects the best suited.
It offers no time for wiping tears but ironically, it offers numerous opportunities to be wiped out!
So success is never ending ….and it’s never a destination. It’s always swelling and stretching without limits! And so shall you grow and swell without limits …. all you need is right perspective and attitude.