DON’T BE DESPARATE. You’ll fall for anything!


Many at times, we’re cought in a catch 22 situation…the worst part of it being when we can’t find a reason to trust our conscience!
self despise and self pity is what kills the Star in us.
We’ve unknowingly programmed our minds that life’s all impossibilities! We’ve created huge blocks to deter ourselves from our already  Guaranteed goals.
BUT i understand that success is the desire of all.
…the beginning of success is the ability to convince our mind’s that Yes I Can.
unfortunately, most of us lack this Most treasured asset -self confidence! 
Lack of it means you’ll ever act desparate. Despair Makes us vulnerable to Absolutely fall for anything.we end up taking up “the by products of our well deserved fruits “ … we end up spending our precious energy on suppressing the heavy sobs into our already clogged hearts – as the so called “roho juu“- ever-confident Guys walk majestically stepping hard on us.
I know it’s painful but it’s the bitter truth. The minority  courageous shall continue ruling  majority desparate…and
All we do is Cry Cry Cry! When shall we Take up our position!!

We should all realize that we were All created specially for a purpose! Pursue it. Gather confidence and move the World. You can!!
Desparate people BEG for rejects -just to quench their un-ending needs.
Confident people will GET what they well deserve .

Be confident and Self Assuring and You’ll be a great leader!

So does that add up to Self-confidence?
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