I’ve been conversing with many friends ,  seeking to understand the views of fellow, ever-sharp youth.
I must say it ignites whole new passion to pursuing the long envisioned goals.
Deep inside me, i dream of the greatness that is forthcoming!

In one of my casual pita pita’s, I met this Colleague- Mike. Taking a sip of a cold Coke, he opened up

“Let me tell you this Bosire…” a great friend began.
“… for long time now, I’ve been wondering what i was meant to be .I’ve always wondered my purpose in this life…”
Instantly, it unfolded me that this is the un- answered quiz that most of us hide …
I had no personal comments on that but a true story came through in mind.
I had sought to understand this and after a long and extensive research, i came across a personality –whom i consider to be self defining – from whom i leant these:
We’ve always spent a lifetime changing our mind yet perspective is one thing we lack!

Had we developed a positive perspective about our abilities, and built trust in them, we could be living in dreamland… where nobody envies my abilities – because we’ll all be busy brightening our stars and creating whole new brands of ourselves!
But unfortunately, I made a saddening conclusion.
Most of us waste all our entitled  opportunities by ignorantly kicking them out in the name of seeking BETTER ones!

We waste lots of time seeking to understand who we are, … not knowing we’ve the responsibility to create who we want to be!

And I can dare you to try that.

Let’s  Have a renovated perspective about us and believe me, you shall Create a whole NEW YOU.A Brand new Brand of yourself!

Nobody knows you as better as you know yourself. You know your passion, likes, dreams and visions. It’s all upon you to convince the world that indeed you know your role – and nobody can stand in for you! You can’t quit yet!

Me and YOU shall be the leaders we wish to see.

As we concluded the inspiring conversation with Mike … I could see a smile of rejuvenation in him…
As he hastily uttered
‘I’ll never loose hope on the energy in Us- the youth. ..and i am A leader beginning NOW!
Let’s practice leadership on ourselves then we shall match to sensible leadership with ease.

We’ll ultimately erase all the fake smiles and wear real ones!

You don’t know who you are until you build the only one in YOU!